Dell Laptop Case

Dell Laptop Cases For Schools

Dell Laptop Cases For schools

Mobile computing technology represents a significant investment for educational institutions today. If you furnish the students, teachers and administrators in your school district with Dell laptops, you need a protective solution that will safeguard these valuable assets.

Higher Ground offers high-quality, functional laptop covers for Dell products that will provide reliable drop protection and minimize damage from wear and tear. Your mobile equipment will last longer as a result, and you'll experience less downtime and reduced repair expenses.


Why Buy From Higher Ground?

Higher Ground is a design-based manufacturer of protective cases for schools that has been setting the industry standard since 2003. Unlike other companies in the industry, Higher Ground creates Dell laptop covers and other products specifically for the school environment. Because the company crafts each bag with purpose, you will benefit from a level of quality and attention to detail that competing manufacturers cannot replicate. Each case also undergoes meticulous testing to ensure peak performance and longevity.

Other reasons to choose Dell computer bags from Higher Ground include:

  • Attentive service from a company committed to improving K-12 education
  • Industry-best lifetime warranty for your protection and peace of mind
  • Quick quotes
  • Prompt, reliable vendor support
  • Opportunity for significant discounts on insurance premiums


How Do I Protect School Dell Laptops?

Dropped or toppled laptops and general misuse and mishandling are common issues in most school districts. While it's impossible to prevent these incidents from occurring, Higher Ground Dell computer bags can minimize the resulting damage. For instance, many districts that use Higher Ground cases experience up to an 85–90% reduction in screen cracks and breakage.

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A rugged Dell case from Higher Ground will include a host of features intended to protect your devices and dramatically reduce your repair and replacement costs. These features include:

  • EVA foam construction: The same foam found in running shoes will cushion the blow and absorb the impact when the Dell laptop hits the ground.
  • Hydrophobic coating: You'll receive a case that repels water and dirt, keeping them away from your valuable technology.
  • Well-padded structural frame: These frames deliver exceptional compression protection.
  • Identification windows: Prevent theft and people picking up the wrong bags with clear identification windows.


About Higher Ground K-12 Dell Laptop Cases

Higher Ground offers Dell laptop cases for sale to meet the needs and handling requirements of students of all ages. You can choose from several different sizes to fit a wide range of devices. Backpack-friendly covers are available, and you can also choose from use-in-cart, work-in-case and remove-to-use products. They all come with a 30-day risk-free trial, enabling you to place your order with complete confidence. Custom protection solutions are also available with larger orders.


Buy Protective Dell Laptop Cases From Higher Ground

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Accidents happen every day in schools, but they don't have to result in expensive laptop repairs or replacements. Protect your investment in technology by purchasing Higher Ground Dell laptop covers for your school district. Contact us to discuss your requirements and request a free product sample.