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Chromebooks have become increasingly popular in the classroom due to their affordability, ease of management and use. If your school district uses Chromebooks, you understand the importance of drop protection. Due to their lower cost, Chromebooks simply aren't built as tough as many laptops and require additional reinforcement. Whether using carts or a take-home program, you need protection. That's why Higher Ground offers a variety of Chromebook cases to help safeguard your investment while making the devices more accessible and easier to use.

Why Move to Higher Ground?

Founded in 2002 by innovators with a passion for education, Higher Ground has spent more than 17 years providing functional protection for laptops and tablets. The company has come a long way from the original Laptrap, which inspired dozens of imitators and established Higher Ground's reputation as an innovator and manufacturer of high quality, protective gear.

While others aim their efforts toward the consumer market, Higher Ground has never lost sight of its mission. The company remains committed to education and ensures all products, along with manufacturing and customer service, meet the highest standards.

Higher Ground is easy to work with. Services offered to customers include:

Higher Ground wants to make your job easier and more worry-free.

How Do I Protect School Chromebooks?

The primary goal of any case is to reduce the likelihood of damage to the technology, thereby avoiding the need for additional expenses and downtime. Younger students will likely benefit from work-in Chromebook cases, like the Datakeeper or Shuttle 3.0, which provide full-time protection. The Chromebook never has to leave the case, greatly reducing the opportunity for damage.

rugged chromebook cases for kids

Teachers and students in high school settings tend to prefer options like the Flak Jacket, ruggedized sleeves, or backpack inserts. Users enjoy compact protection while providing quick, easy access to their device and accessories.

About K-12 Chromebook Cases

Higher Ground cases provide added protection to the most vulnerable points. In case of a drop, the corners are reinforced and its edges extend beyond the device in order to absorb the impact instead of the Chromebook. The front and back surfaces are also stiffened to reduce pressure points which can crack screens.

A few of the available features include:

  • EVA construction: Built from the same protective foam used in running shoes and athletic pads, EVA will absorb drops and abuse so your device does not have to.
  • Identification windows: You can quickly identify, store and assign laptops with student IDs and asset tags.
  • Hydrophobic coating: Water and dirt are repelled, extending the life of the case and protecting contents.
  • Multiple sizes: Cases to fit Chromebooks range from 11 to 15 inches.

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Chromebook cases for schools

When it's time to secure protective solutions that match your expectations for functionality, quality and value, look no further than Higher Ground. Higher Ground will listen to your needs and then collaborate to find the best solution for your scenario. You can trust Higher Ground to deliver the best Chromebook cases for your students.

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