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It can be hard to find a protective case company for your school or districts devices that satisfies administrators, teachers and students. That’s why you need to take your schools devices to Higher Ground.

Higher Ground is a device protection company that is already protecting over 1,000,000 devices found in schools today. At the same time they are appealing to students, teachers and even administrators here’s how:

Higher Grounds protective cases come in a variety of designs and with a variety of features. They’re designed to protect Chromebooks, laptops and tablets.

Students love them because they look cool and they aren’t big and bulky. They don’t look like something special just for school, you know like ugly blue headphones. Students can feel confident walking down the street that their case/bag isn’t screaming “I’m carrying my 6th grade Chromebook”. As silly as that sounds, that means something.

Teachers love Higher Ground because their functional cases like; Shuttle 3.0, DataKeeper, Capsule, Flak Jacket and even their drop in backpack insert are designed to protect devices with maximum, understated protection meaning that devices don’t need to be out of commission and in the shop over a bump, drop or scratch. Teachers also love the fact that with Higher Ground their cases are designed to protect and get kids back to work and focused as quick as possible. Students don’t need to be fumbling with zippers and compartments for 15 minutes, they get to school, get to class and get set us in a matter of seconds.

Administrators love Higher Ground for their lifetime guarantee, which means thy aren’t repurchasing cases every year and for their competitive pricing. Higher Ground understands that to have good solid school customers, they can’t be cost prohibitive.

See why students, teachers and administrators love Higher Ground at ISTE 2018 in Chicago, June 24-28 in Booth #2302 and online at

Mark Zadvinskis
Mark Zadvinskis


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