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Higher Ground leverages more than a decade of education experience to build products that protect devices from the rigors of the classroom. The Flak Jacket is armor for your laptop, combining high shock absorbency foam with corrugated plastic stiffeners to protect your machine in an efficient, lightweight design. Shuttle delivers non-stop laptop protection because you can work directly from the case. It's non-slip riser pads keep your machine cool and on secure footing and the non-slip underside grips your lap or desk. The iPad PROTEx promises drop protection and it's unique X-strap provides students of all ages a firm hold so they can collaborate and engage without worry. Higher Ground's durable cases are compact yet tough enough to ensure device survival in and out of the classroom.  

Use a cool and secure laptop backpack at school.


"We plan to begin an iPad pilot program with our freshmen class next year. I visited a school in Houston who introduced iPads for their entire high school this year. When I asked them what their breakage rate was, I was stunned at their numbers. They had averaged 2 broken iPads per week. This school had purchased another popular brand's snap-on case for all of their iPads. Conversely, when I spoke to another school, they reported that they had experienced zero broken iPads. They gave the cases they purchased from you all the credit. So, going on that kind of recommendation, we are interested in purchasing your iPad Podium case for our freshmen class."

Christina Jontra, Grace Community School

"I just wanted you to know that the Shuttle cases are being very well received.  Our teachers and others have commented about how well thought out the cases are and how durable and protective they appear to be.  A number of comments also compared them to cases in adjoining districts who have purchased cheap neoprene cases that really are not serving them well and don't provide the protection that your cases do.  Thanks for the quality product.  I'll post another order in the spring for a summer delivery."

Pete Just, Chief Technology Officer, Wayne Township

Compact computer case for school
"We have been using Laptrap cases for the past 3 years and it's the smartest move we ever made. Not only are the cases cost effective, but more importantly they are well made (don't fall apart within the first few weeks of school) and since we've been using Laptrap, the number of screens broken during the year has dropped dramatically. These cases can't be overloaded with books and other items students stuff into backpacks - always on top of their laptop. Plus the student's like them, which is half the battle. If they don't carry their laptop in the case it defeats the purpose of having the case. Far fewer students are carrying their laptops around without a case, and students who purchased the old backpack case are asking where and how they can get the Laptrap. I wouldn't offer a laptop without it!"

Robin Peralta, Laptop Program Director, Episcopal High School of VA

"I’m the Technology Coordinator at Two Rivers Magnet Middle School (TRMMS) in East Hartford, CT. The focus of our school is science and technology. As well as being the Tech Coordinator, I’m also in charge of the 1:1 laptop program which is a state-funded program that allows every student to get their own laptop. Your bag designs struck me as practical and cool for middle school students. You sent a free sample to me for our drop test. Our Network Administrator was very aggressive and took the bag to the stairwell where there is a concrete floor. He stood about two stairs up and slammed the bag. We had an old laptop in the bag and it landed on the floor with a crash. I was scared to look inside the bag.   Upon inspection, there was no damage!   Now I would like to order more bags!" 

Jenny Berelson, Education Technology Specialist, Two Rivers Magnet Middle School

Great laptop backpack for students
“In Manatee County we have over 4,000 iBooks distributed to both students and faculty. One area of concern for us is the safety and protection of the iBooks as they travel to and from school. We have looked at and tried a variety of cases that we felt were suited for the job, and none come close to the Shuttle. You simply won't find a better case for protecting your iBook. Through Higher Ground, we were able to order a custom bag that met particular criteria, as well as prominently display the school logo. 

Every person that has seen our new case wants to know where they can get one!

There are many attractive features to Higher Ground cases, and two that we feel make a major difference in protecting the computer: the ability to use the machine while still in the protective case, and the non-slip backing. Until recently, we have used a vertical loading sleeve and found that the way students take the machine in and out multiple times each day may be creating a problem. In order to remove, they are required to grip the computer from the top edge. This pressure seems to be creating a stress crack near the microphone on some of the iBooks. The fact that students may leave the iBook in the case, combined with the reinforced frame, we feel the Shuttle is the ideal case for iBook protection.”

John Graham, Instructional Technology Specialist, Manatee High School

Mark Zadvinskis
Mark Zadvinskis


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